Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Well, I finally got around to it and joined the ECCC Blogosphere. Figured it was time to join the fray and make sure everyone knew what Delaware was up to.

I guess I can start off by explaining the title of my blog. The intent of the title was not to nickname myself the Small Wonder. Anyone who knows me or can remember what I look like, would realize the irony immediately. "The Small Wonder" is actually our old state motto. Our governor changed it to "Its Good to Be First", but that seemed just a bit too pretentious for a blog concerning bicycle racing.

We've been busy this fall replenishing our ranks for the upcoming Road Season. Its been a blast showing the new members the 'ropes' and watching them improve. We even managed a few skills-specific rides.

We're all readily awaiting the upcoming season and the ECCC ambiance.

Until then more training is necessary!


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